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4 simple steps for instant transfers

Find MIA Instant Payments in your institution’s financial app

Activate MIA and discover worry-free transfers with no extra costs.

Choose how you pay

Send money directly, request a payment, or choose another available option – enjoy total freedom.

Enter and confirm the details

Enter the phone number of the recipient and specify the transfer amount. Check that everything you entered is correct and confirm, your money will transfer instantly.


Transfer and receive money securely, quickly, and conveniently anytime, anywhere, instantly.

Why transfer with MIA?


No more waiting. With MIA, money reaches any bank account in Moldova in seconds.


Keep your information safe, accept and make transfers using only a phone number, no card details or photos required.

No fees

Transfer up to 10.000 MDL per month without any fees. No hidden costs, no surprises!

Transfer Methods Designed for You


Instant Transfer


Request transfer

coming soon

Payment via link

coming soon

Pay by QR

coming soon...

Pay by QR- code

Main image steps

Scan QR-code

Scan the QR code using your bank's mobile app or phone camera.

Insert or confirm amount you want to pay

There are two types of payments via QR code: one is manual entry, where you must fill in the payment amount according to the receipt. The other has a prefilled amount, just check that the already specified payment amount matches the price on your receipt.

Check and confirm

Verify the payment details and if everything is correct, press confirm to complete the payment!

Phone with QR
Instant payments for your business coming soon!

No extra costs. No hassles.